After care support programme

Provide academic support.

Many afterschool programs provide homework help. This time can be very helpful for kids who struggle with homework at home or who can’t sit down to do it until late.

Assist with study methods
Provide torturing services when needed

Improve social skills.
This can help kids feel more secure about  starting a conversation and socialize with others.

Learn more about the following topics :

Overcoming exam stress
Peer pressure
Goal setting
Time management

Provide safety and supervision.
The hours between 3 and 6 p.m. are when older kids are most likely to commit crimes or become crime victims. It’s also prime time for some kids to drink or use drugs. But keeping kids busy can keep them from engaging in  risky behavior. And afterschool programs can be a safer option.Studies show that kids in afterschool programs may get better grades.

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